NHKAward Winning Programs


NHK wins at the Prix Jeunesse2016.

Prix Jeunesse

Germany / Munich

Take Tech

11-15 Non-Fiction

International Youth Jury

“Take Tech” is designed to get middle-school students interested in the technology around us. The show simply explains how they’re used. Each edition focuses on one technology, examines how it’s used in familiar products or information systems, and shows the role it plays and how it works. There are four program segments: (1) Why was the technology created? (2) Why is it useful? (3) How does it work? (4) How is it used?


Folk Tale Courtroom: The Trial of the Three Little Pigs

11-15 Fiction

International Youth Jury

This program is an innovative fusion of folktales and courtroom drama. It imagines putting the famous characters that children know on trial. The theme of the first episode is the tale of the three little pigs. In the folktale, the wrongdoer is the wolf who comes to eat the pigs. But in this program, the defendant is the youngest pig. He is on trial for murder because he caught the wolf (who had come down the chimney) in a cauldron of boiling water and slammed the lid on. This setup denies the prejudice of the folktale right from the beginning. Did the little pig act in legitimate self-defense, or did he commit a premeditated crime? As children watch the defendant, prosecutor, lawyers, and witnesses play their parts in the trial, they ponder whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.


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