NHKAward Winning Programs


NHK wins at CICSEP 2016 China Dragon Awards.

CICSEP 2016 China Dragon Awards

China / Shenzhen

Medical Revolution: The Gut Microbiome


Science Documentary (more than 30mins)


The 100 trillion microbes living inside our intestines, known as "Intestinal Flora," could hold the key to treating multiple illnesses including cancer, diabetes, allergies and even depression and autism. Around the world, researchers are competing to develop cutting-edge treatment that control our intestinal flora. Discover the incredible bacterial world that exists in your intestines.


ORIGINS OF LAND: Nishinoshima Island


Nature & Environment


An extraordinary phenomenon is taking place in the Pacific Ocean: The formation of a new island from an undersea volcanic eruption. Located 1,000 km from Tokyo, Nishinoshima island suddenly emerged in 2013. It is still expanding rapidly and has already become the biggest newly-born island in historic record. Scientists are saying that this exceptional event could literally blow away previous understanding of volcanology, and solve the mystery of how continents are made. But field investigation is nearly impossible, since the new island is strictly off limits due to the volcanic hazard. To overcome these issues, NHK has launched a bold project to seize this very rare opportunity and help scientists solve the unknown facets of the island. The mission involves filming this natural spectacle from the air, land and sea in stunning 4K resolution images using remote control machines, while collecting important scientific data. Witness this once-in-a-lifetime experience of the "birth of land" in this grand science adventure documentary.


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