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NHK wins at the ABU Prizes 2016.

ABU Prizes 2016

Indnesia / Bali

Spirits of the Athletes Tadahiro Nomura: The Last Shoulder Throw


ABU Prize

Tadahiro Nomura dominated the world of judo with his lightning-fast shoulder throw. He won Olympic gold in an unprecedented three consecutive Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Sydney and Athens. Since 2013, The Spirit of an Athlete has been filming Nomura and his indomitable spirit, as he strived to win one more match using his signature shoulder throw, despite being seriously injured. In August, 2015, Nomura decided to enter a tournament after a two-year absence, with a certain decision in mind. Was he able to perform a perfect shoulder throw? This program documents the struggles and final match of Nomura, a judoka once hailed as the best in the world.


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