NHKAward Winning Programs


NHK wins at the Japan Prize.

Japan Prize 2016

Japan / Tokyo

The Professionals: My Philosophy
2016.11.02 Release

Creative Frontier Category

The Best Work (The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize)

“The Professionals” is a popular NHK TV show that turns the spotlight on top professionals in diverse fields, takes an in-depth look at their work, and reveals their philosophies about work. The show has been running for more than 10 years. It has featured more than 300 professionals as diverse as athletes and an internationally renowned animator. The show’s appeal lies in a simple description of each professional’s philosophy accompanied by dramatic sound and music. In December 2015, NHK launched a now-popular smartphone app that enables people to create videos about themselves using the TV show’s format. All one needs to do is shoot a video and enter one’s name and philosophy. In just five minutes, the user can create a video that makes him or her appear to have been featured on the TV show.


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