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NHK wins at the Asian Television Awards.

Asian Television Awards


The Phone of the Wind: Whispers of Lost Families


Best Documentary program (one-off/special)

Highly Commended

On a small hill overlooking the Japanese coastal town of Otsuchi stands a booth containing a telephone that’s not connected. This is the Phone of the Wind. People come to “call” loved ones who died in the tsunami of March 2011. Devastated communities are rebuilding. But many of the bereaved can’t easily move on. This documentary shows how the Phone of the Wind helps some of them take a step forward in the grieving process.


THE GREAT RACE: The Mongolia Bike Challenge Part 2

Best Sports Program

Highly Commended

“Great Race” is a sports documentary series that follows extreme races, which cover hundreds of kilometers and exceed the limits of body and spirit, races that athletes say change their lives. The stage for this episode (of which this is Part 2) is the great plain of Mongolia, where horseback nomads once galloped. What is considered the most severe bicycle race in the world took place here, where the temperature swings 30°C between day and night, and strong winds course across the plain. The total distance is 900 km. The top riders in the world participate, reaching speeds of 80 km/h. They complete the course in 7 days. The program tracks a variety of the racers: A Japanese rider contending for the title, an amateur racing in memory of a deceased student, young Mongolians hoping for a strong finish to propel their dreams of becoming professional riders.


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