cool japan 発掘!かっこいいニッポン

Cast Wanted! Looking for people to come on the show and make it fun!


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BS1 Sun. May. 29

BS1 Sun. Jun. 12

NHK WORLD Premium Mon. May. 30

Best Cools of Japan Chosen by Foreigners

Cool Japan has searched for cool Japanese culture from the perspective of foreigners for ten years since it began broadcasting. We will broadcast the 300th anniversary special. More than 300 foreigners have appeared on the program and more than 1,000 Japanese cools have been taken up. We took a survey of foreigners who have appeared on the show before, asking what they think is currently cool. We announce the top 20 cools of Japan. With Maasa Takahashi as our guest, we thoroughly discuss Japanese cools with ten foreigners.

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