what is cool japan?

The keywords, "Cool Japan," are flying all around the world.

From fashion, anime, games, and food, various cultures that the Japanese take for granted are being accepted as cool and trendy by foreigners.

"COOL JAPAN Discovering what makes Japan cool," uses the sense of foreigners to the fullest, to dig up and examine the appeal and secrets of these cool cultural aspects.

Shoji Kokami will choose the best of cool that was the coolest at the end of the show.



Writer/Director born in Ehime, 1958.
Formed the theatre company, “DAISAN BUTAI (Third Stage)” in 1981. Has won the Best Play for Kinokuniya Theatre Award, The Kunio Kishida Drama Award, and the Yomiuri Prize for Literature. Current activity centers on writing and directing his produce-unit “KOKAMI@network”, and the theatre company, “Kyokou no Gekidan”a group of young actors gathered in 2008.Performed in plays in the UK in 2007 and 2011, speaking all lines in English. In addition to playwriting, is also the author of a textbook, Lessons for Voice and Body, hosts radio and TV programs and contributes to professional publications and also known as a film director.

Risa Stegmayer

Talent. Born in the United States.
Has an American father and Japanese mother.
Graduated from the Faculty of Comparative Culture, Sophia University.
Active in a wide range of TV variety shows, news and information programs, radio and writing.


Noriko Hidaka

Debuted as an idol singer in 1980. Reporter and TV show host Attracted many fans with her bright and light voice as TV presenter, reporter, and radio personality.
Played various characters such as “Satsuki” in movie "My Neighbor Totoro", “Minami Asakura” in anime "Touch", and “Emma” on the Japanese dubbed version of the foreign drama, "Glee" and many others.

Kazuya Nakai

Born November 25, Hyogo Prefecture.

Agent: Aoni Production
Popular anime voice actor and program narrator.
Works of note: Anime “ONE PIECE” (Roronoa Zoro), “Gintama” (Hijikata Toushiro ) Narrationt for SUKKIRI!! , and many others.