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“cool japaner”

Introducing “Cool Japaners” who help make the show great.
The program features people from all over the globe.
How would you like to be a “cool japaner” and uncover the culture of Japan?

Cast Wanted!

cool japan is always looking for foreigners living in Japan to come on the show.
Especially welcome are those we can expect a fresh outlook from, with a year or less in Japan.

Cool Japan is broadcast in
150 countries and regions
around the world!

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Anis Boudraa
I think the most important thing I learnt from Cool Japan, is the depth of Japanese culture. I'm glad I had the chance to learn about many different aspects that I was not aware of, and to hear many foreigners' opinions. It widened my mind!


Craig Taylor
I love doing Cool Japan because of how many interesting topics there are in Japan. There is a lot to learnt about this "cool " country !!


Cool Japan enables me to discover always new things about Japan and its culture. I have the chance to exchange my thoughts with other people from different countries that makes me always learn more about my own culture. Discovering and learning all the time! Thank you, Cool Japan.


Irina Babanova
I discover and learn more about the beautiful Japanese culture, as well as my own and other countries!


Michael Wattley
I love discovering new and innovative things about Japanese products, services and culture through Cool Japan!


Daniella Ramirez
I like participating in Cool Japan because I learn different aspects of Japanese society, and I get to learn about different cultures at the same time!


Yang Ji
I visited many cool places where I never know before!


Sandrine Romanacce-Smith
I learned so much more about the Japanese culture through the show than by living here for years!


Heike Brock
Participating in Cool Japan, I can not only learn and discover many unknown things about Japan, but also get to think and reflect about my own culture and country a lot.


Dimitris Kontopoulos
Even though I have been living in Japan for the last 6 years, with every show there is always something new to learn about Japan. But the best part is how much fun the shooting is!


Alessandro Libri
Experiencing life in Japan on a daily basis is not enough to find out true Japanese culture. I am very happy to learn through the program.


Jackie Mwangi
I am happy to learn not only the Japanese culture but also learning from other cast's opinions!


June Sung
I am very happy to be on TV! And I have a great opportunity to learn similarlity of Japan and my own cultre and also understanding cool Japanese culture.


Nour Tawk
What I like about participating in cool japan is that I get to learn more about Japanese culture and travel outside of Tokyo to meet other Japanese people :)


Luz Gonzalez
I always learn a lot in "Cool Japan"! The questions for the participants are so accurate that I always discover many interesting points about different cultures. Every time I let the studio I feel like I just made a quick and fun journey all around the world.


Arne van Lamoen
There are many great things, but perhaps the best is the fact that - as amazing as Japan is - it is even more amazing than that! I had no idea about many of the things the show has covered and I can't wait to see what will come next. Always a great time.


Cato Stromsvik
Cool Japan makes me meet people I never met.


Mizhelle Agcaoili
I get to see different aspects of Japan, and in the process, I learn more about my country too.


Alexander Borovikov
I went to Fukushima to see the coming of age ceremony 7 years ago and that was impressive.I could learn a lot about the Japanese culture through Cool Japan.


Antonio Tejero de Pablos
It gives me the opportunity to express my vision about Japan and debate it with other people.


Omer Ishag
I enjoy the comparisons that the guests make about how things are in Japan and how they are in their own countries, and I enjoy watching the video reports very much.


Nathalie Lobue
I enjoy having a discussion about Japan with other cast coming from all around world.


Pafan Julsaksrisakul
Cool Japan helps me understand Japan much better, not only from the onscreen discussions, but also from Cool Japan staff and casts. It is one of the best things that happen to me in Japan.


Muge Jones
I like the fact that my family and gets to see me back in my home country. They also learn a lot about Japan.


Olga Yaremchuk
I learn a lot from each time I participated in the program. And what I like most is we can express our opinion freely!

United Kingdom

Eddie Barth
I love going to location shoot where I only can go with Cool Japan. I really enjoy participating in the program!


David Pavlina
I cherish my experiences with Cool Japan, as I’m endlessly enlightened by our rich cultural discussions surrounded by warmhearted people.
Peter Macy
I used to have limited friends circles but now I have friends all around the world. Thanks to Cool Japan!
Angela Schnabel
Thanks to "Cool Japan" I've learned more about the Real Japan than I ever could have on my own!
Heather Mcleish
I love being part of the Cool Japan team because it gives me both the opportunity to see and experience out of the way things in Japan but also to work closely with a well known Japanese company and get to know this industry.