• Lennon Valim [Brazil]

    I cosplayed as an anime character, the great emerald villain from Sailor Moon.

  • Ava [Singapore]

    I love Japan and my Japanese friends!

  • Micha [Brazil]

    My "Cool Japan" is a baby and mom cafe, or oyako-cafe. I found it in Asagaya, Tokyo. So cute!

  • Oxana [Russia]

    My "cool" is sakura in bloom. Sakura flowers look like white and pink snow on the branches. This magical beauty makes my heart overwhelming with feeling of love to Japan.

  • Caddie [Australia]

    My "cool Japan" is how all the seasons are celebrated with various festivals.

  • Brian [U.S.A.]

    I admire the craftsmanship of the Japanese woodworkers and believe in Wabi Sabi. As a result I made a wooden case with the Wabi Sabi symbols painted on a 100 year old panel.

  • Jirayu Korkong [Thailand]

    My "Cool Japan" is Bonsai !!! A miniature trees which are carefully styled like a natural tree grown in a small pot.I love Bonsai !!!

  • Amina [Bahamas]

    I got to dress as a Maiko in Kyoto, unsure that the makeup artist could turn a black girl into a white Maiko, but it happened and it was quite interesting! This is my Cool Japan!

  • Dennis Pepa [U.S.A.]

    Lake Biwa (Biwako)! I've been to Japan many times but this was my first time traveling to Japan for a Bass Fishing Tournament. Fishing this beautiful lake was a dream come true.

  • Yami [Philippines]

    I like “Yakusoku” now being aired in a Philippine radio station DYHP. I really love the Japanese musician Iwapt who sang the theme song. I’m looking forward to visit Japan soon. I love Japan!

  • Izreen Kamaria [Malaysia]

    Fushimi Inari! Climbing all the way to the top of Fushimi Inari with my mother. The torii gates were breathtaking and beautiful! I wish to visit again.

  • Mika [Germany]

    Japanese Gardens! I came to Japan to study about real Japanese gardens with my project. I want to let the world to know how Japanese gardens are cool!

  • Emilie [Norway]

    I went to Asakusa at night time. It was quiet and peaceful there. Asakusa is a very magical place at night time!

  • Thien Phuc [Việt Nam]

    Having Japanese friends and wearing Kimono at 20 years old is my Cool Japan <3 .

  • Maichan [Chile]

    We love Jpop and Idols music, disseminate culture, entertainment and lots of music, creating covers of dancing and singing. We are "Battle no Jidai" from Chile!

  • Low Hui Ee [Singapore]

    I am a volunteer at a fruit orchard in Yamanashi! I guarantee it will be a life-changing experience!!!

  • Eugenie [France]

    My cool japan is the Japanese food that has countless recipes we can do. Even if I live in France, I love to expand it wherever I can by making bentôs and learning how to cook traditional dishes.

  • Bene (ベネ) [France]

    My "cool japan" is my life here, in Fukuoka. I am in love with my living place. it is such a nice, lovely and cool place. I want Fukuoka to be known all around the world so I am promoting it through my blog, channel and so on.
    Fukuoka is cool ! Please come and discover Fukuoka !

  • Syed Akbar Hussain [Pakistan]

    People living or visiting Japan being foreigners can easily express their feelings about whatever strike their minds as “Cool Japan” because they see everything with their naked eyes, feel it very closely and physically experience it. But, how can one, like me, do so being thousands of miles away and having never been to Japan before?
    Yet, I can do so! Definitely I can do it because of NHK World. This is the channel which has been making me feel as if I am in Japan despite living in Uganda. The Japanese traditions,cultures, foods, fashion, people, neutral beauty of mountains, forests, lakes, falls and especially “Cool Japan” that keep fascinating are brought to me in East Africa too by NHK World. It has served me as a cool window to the Land of wonders.
    So, I find no other option, but NHK World as my truly “Cool Japan” ?

  • Lennon valim [Brasil/santa catarina]

    I am an artist shironuri here in Brazil, I too love the Japanese culture as a whole, I love their traditions festivals, harajuku, fashion, sweets and behavior.
    I here in Brazil as well as being an artist shironuri (art that transcends Geishas and Kabuki theater) fabricated 5 kimonos for me, I have a bonsai in my house, a vast collection of fans including one brought kyoto for me.
    My favorite food is Japanese sweet mochi, love it and the way it's done.
    well am also in love with Japanese anime and my art shironuri always include references anime sailor moon which is my favorite.
    Japanese bands have several that I love as golden bomber, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, rice, Raphael, among others.

  • Rusty [Philippines]

    The Japanese snack Takoyaki is my cool japan! The variety of flavors simultaneously tickling your taste buds is just pure heaven. The best part, of course, is eating the large chunk of octopus inside! Oishii!

  • Laila [Italy]

    My cool Japan is MY TRIP.Every year i like to travel in Japan and take my friend with me. I guide my friends to explore Japan.
    i like so much your country,i like the landscape,the city,tradition,modernity,the people..One day i wish to stay in Japan for a long period..I wanna study in a school of Japanese (actually i study by myself) and i wanna work in Japan..I am a italian cook and here in Italy i work 11/12 hours everyday.
    I put a my photo of my travels in Japan in this mail,i am the "black girl" XD we were last year 19 juky 2013 in Asakusa Best wishes to all,
    sayonara ^_^

  • Macchan [France]

    I started to found Japan cool since my teenage by reading manga and wtahcing anime. " My cool Japan " now is more idol and AKB48 but I really like other part of the japanese culture. " My cool Japan " is also when I visit this country and spend time with my friends. I also like discovering new place by myself and I really hope one day to live in Japan. This year " My cool Japan " was to celebrate my 40's birthday in Nagoya.

  • Roxana Nara [Romania]

    Hello 'Cool Japan '! I'm sending you my picture with me dressed in yukata :) In the picture you can see some of my paintings. I hope you will like it !

    Best regards,
    Roxana Nara

  • kiki [China]

    Japanese kimono is really beautiful.I was wearing it walk at ueno park.many people look at me and they was think i am Japanese.most people can not tell Japanese with Chinese.anyway i love Japanese kimono culture.and i already had 3 kimono.

  • Rebecca [Australia]

    i think Visual Kei is cool because its so unique & there are so menny kinds if VK. But i like Lolita Kei the best & i love spreading the VK love.

  • Isaura [Hungary]

    I am wearing my Japanese teacher's yukata during in the Japanese language school.

  • Bekyuu & Yeri [Chile]

    We love japanese idols so we like to spread the kawaii idol culture in our country dancing our favourite choreographies in Japan related events.

  • リックちゃん(Angelique) [France]

    One of my passion is japanese idols, especially Airi Suzuki from C-ute. I think japanese Idols are unique, and can transmit feelings to the world thanks to their personalities, passion, and hard work. I try to convey the feelings Airi Suzuki gives me to other people as much as possible. I want everyone to understand how Idols are a part of what we call "Cool Japan", and how much happiness they can bring us.

  • Jenna [USA]

    I love all of the Kawaii snacks found in Japan. Whether pre-packaged or fresh bakery items like pastries shaped as teddy bears or muffins with smiley faces -they are all so cute and make me smile.


    I had so much fun at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park! I work in the film/tv industry in Los Angeles so it was great to see the ninja shows, the movie sets, the costumes, etc. of a real Japanese film studio!

  • Ruki [Spain]

    I love Japanese pop culture since I was a child,I'm doing Idol activities and spreading Japanese pop culture in Spain but at same time i'm trying to be a Japanese Idol in Japan!

  • Rodion [Russia]

    Old japanese woodblock prints with Kabuki actors is my cool.

  • Tony [USA]

    My Cool is my collection of menko cards I accumulated while living at Kanto Mura Housing annex (1970--1974) off Koshu kaido ( route for 1964 Tokyo Olympics marathon) It is in Chofu. There was a "Hole in the Fence" where there is a Toy store and the"oji-san would come out whenevr the DoD base kids would call him to buy candy and other goodies. This store is still there to this day. Oji-san now has grandkids to take care of. WE military base kids miss the store and even more we miss our Base housing where we grew up together. may of us are still tight. We have our own Facebook page "Chofu Rules!" where memories are there

  • Ju [Brazil]

    This is my "cool japan". I love maid cosplays ^^

  • John [Ireland]

    I like to make art inspired by the Kawaii culture of Japan. I love Manga, Anime, Jpop and Idols. In the Westside Library in Galway, I displayed my "Kawaii" artwork in an exhibition called "Too Cute"

  • Allie [USA]

    My boyfriend at the time, and now fiance are part of a taiko group on Long Island, NY. We very much love Japan and will be going to Tokyo/Osaka for our honeymoon.

  • Martina [Germany]

    My favorite "cool Japan" is Ikebana of Ikenobo Iemoto. This 550 year old tradional form of culture knows how to show beauty and simplicity in one unique work. On the foto you see my flower arrangement in my own exhibition in 2010. I mixed components of my favorite countries: Japan and Spain. The work's name is "Flamenco", a tradional dance from South of Spain combined with freestyle of Japanese Ikebana. Please enjoy Ikebana and cool down in this hot summer. Greetings from hot Fukushima (north of Japan)

  • Hesti [Indonesia]

    I and my dearest tomodachitachi visited Little Tokyo yesterday as "GALS" from different style of Gals' evolution. We were so happy to be Gals in one day and some people---Mostly Japanese knew that:"Shibuya Gals! Cho~ Kawaii" and they took some pics with us lolz XDD.

  • Ernesto [Monaco]

    The Japanese drum set is my cool! I don't need to worry about the noise and I can practice anytime with the headphones on.

  • Kamile [The Philippines]

    Yukata and J-POP are my cools!

  • Ananda [India]

    The little boy, Ananda loves a toilet seat with the washing function. His parents brought it back to India.

  • Zare [Brazil]

    Japanese omelet pan is my favorite! I can make Japanese egg omelet better using this pan!