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BS1 Sun. May. 15


Cats have currently reached an unprecedented level of popularity in Japan. However, the Japanese phenomenon of the popularity of products in which cats are personified and commercials and photograph collections of star cats seems strange in the eyes of foreigners. On the other hand, cat related products from Japan such as cat robots and characters resembling cats have gained popularity worldwide with their unique atmosphere. It is said that cat islands, where there are more cats than people, are now bustling with foreign tourists. We visit the backstage of a cat magazine that creates star cats and a cat island and investigate the relationship between Japanese people and cats from the perspective of foreigners.

There are many cat accessories that are not seen much overseas.
It appears that magazines with star cats and articles are unique to Japan. Our foreign guest went to see people photographing for magazines.
Cat islands, which are said to number more than 20 in Japan, are popular among foreigners.