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BS1 Sun. Jun. 5

Senior Citizens

The senior citizens of Japan, which has the highest average life expectancy in the world, are full of energy. There are many secrets to their longevity. There is an idol group with an average age of 84 who found something worth living for themselves as well as comprehensive health screening, which foreigners come touring for and supports Japan’s longevity. Furthermore, a prefecture successfully undertook a sodium reduction initiative and became the prefecture with the highest average life expectancy in Japan. We investigate the secrets of Japan’s senior power that surprised foreigners.

The members of the Committee for the Promotion of Dietary Habit Improvement that changed dietary habits and made Nagano a prefecture of longevity with low-salt recipes.
One of the sources of the health of Japanese senior citizens is medical examinations. Recently, more people are coming to Japan from overseas for both medical examinations and tourism. This person, whose blood is being taken, came from China.
An idol group with an average age of 84. We investigated the secret to their vitality.