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BS1 Sun. Jun. 12

Cool Spots in Kisoji Chosen by Foreigners From Magomejuku to Tsumagojuku

Kisoji of Nakasendo has been introduced in overseas tour guides and is very popular among foreign tourists. Every year 20,000 foreigners walk the 8km mountain path from Tsumagojuku to Magomejuku. This time, all of the cast will visit Tsumagojuku with its beautiful fresh verdure, actually walk Kisoji, and, together with the residents of Tsumagojuku, who have left the appearance of Edo as it is, thoroughly talk about the appeals and themes of touring spots that Japanese people are likely to miss. A 49 minute extended regional special.

A post town has been left as it was from long ago in Tsumagojuku of Nakasendo.
A Japanese style hotel in Tsumagojuku was chosen as the second most popular Japanese style hotel among foreigners on an international travel review website. We investigated the secret to its popularity among foreigners.
Our foreign guest walked from Magomejuku to Tsumagojuku and experienced the cools of Kisoji.