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BS1 Sun. Jun. 19

Japanized Foreign Dishes

Japan has changed and uniquely evolved dishes from around the world. Tempura, which originated in Portugal, India’s curry rice, China’s ramen, etc. Such Japanized foreign dishes that have originated in Japan are becoming popular overseas as well. What’s cool about Japanized foreign dishes that are unique to Japan and continue to evolve? Naporitan, cod roe pasta, and dressed bread that sandwiches anything from yakisoba to croquette. We investigate Japanized foreign dishes, which surprise foreigners, where they are made.

Ginny from Australia loves the Japanized foreign dish naporitan. She investigated when and how it was created.
Grilled dumplings are rarely eaten in China. A Chinese person tried it for the first time.
Dressed bread (includes bread that sandwiches jam, yakisoba,etc.) was uniquely developed in Japan. Will foreigners think it is cool?