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BS1 Sun. Jul. 17

Leisurely Day Trips

Foreigners are surprised by the wide variety of leisurely day trips that effectively use short holidays at nearby locations in Japan. Japan is full of leisurely day trips that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, such as day trip bus tours, fishing ponds, theme parks, and factory tours. Are leisurely day trips that are unique to Japan cool? We rediscover the goodness of familiar leisurely activities that Japanese people don’t realize from the perspective of foreigners.

A “fishing pond” built on top of the ocean. Our foreign guest experienced a leisurely day trip facility where big fish can be caught that can be enjoyed by both the experienced and beginners.
Our foreign guest was satisfied by a factory tour where you learn while having fun.
Service areas with food courts, amusement parks, hot springs, and where local products can be purchased. Nowadays they can be accessed from general roads and are called highway oases.