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BS1 Sun. Jul. 24

Japanese Patterns

Japanese patterns are gathering attention for a checkered pattern being used for the Tokyo Olympics emblem. There is a wide variety of Japanese patterns, such as chidori, karakusa, and mameshibori, and they are unique. Patterns have evolved in ancient Japan as something to feel and enjoy the four seasons. It’s the same in the present age, and patterns are depicted on various items such as cellphone covers, stationery, and umbrellas. Foreigners are surprised that Japanese people pursue patterns even for manhole covers and brocade carp. We investigate such appeals of Japanese patterns from the perspective of foreigners.

Hand towels dyed with Japanese patterns. The motifs are plants and nature.
There are even patterns on manhole covers… Recently, there are even colored local manholes.
The brocade carp pattern that is popular in overseas. It is an accidentally created form of beauty.