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BS1 Sun. Aug. 28

Big Questions for Foreigners! Why do Foreigners ○○?

Until now we have broadcasted Japanese people’s customs and ways of thinking that foreigners think are strange as the “Big Questions for the Japanese” series. However, foreigners also have many actions and customs that are hard for Japanese people to understand. So we are beginning a new series, “Big Questions for Foreigners!” Why do people say “I love you” every day? Why don’t people use umbrellas when it's raining? We thoroughly pursue a variety of questions. We also discuss customs and ways of thinking that are unique to Japanese people, who think the actions of foreigners are strange.

We asked people on the streets what questions they have for foreigners.
Why do foreigners take a long time to decide what they want at restaurants? Do they really take a long time? How long? We observed them.
Why don't foreigners use umbrellas when it's raining? We asked why foreigners walk without using umbrellas.