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BS1 Sun. Sep. 18


Apparently, Japanese wives are amazing from the perspective of foreigners. They are perfectionists in both parenting and housework. They are highly praised with compliments such as “they are beautiful even though they are tired” and “they even manage the family budget.” In one survey, more than 50% of housewives said they have no days off. But what they desire is a day off each week and a monthly salary of 150,000 yen. It appears that they aren’t perfect because they like to be. We thoroughly discuss whether Japanese wives are cool with foreigners.

How are Japanese housewives different from those overseas? We investigated housework and parenting, money, and beauty.
What would happen if a housewife who does all the housework went out for a day? We investigated.
How much secret savings do housewives who manage the family budget have? We held an anonymous conversation meeting.