BS1 Sun. Jan. 1

New Year's Special: Japanese Cools That Surprised the World

Online videos about Japan are currently popular around the world. Among them are many hilarious and astonishing popular videos. Super speedy fire fighter training, amazing wrapping trick, PPAP that the world copies, mascot dogs, old-man cats, dropping your wallet in Japan, etc. From videos that make sense to videos that Japanese people have no idea why they are popular, foreign exchange students in Akita rank them. Further, what’s cool and what’s strange? A 2-hour special with a hot debate in the studio between Mr. Kokami, Mr. Aramata, and 57 foreigners!
Guest: Hiromi Miyake (Rio Olympics bronze medalist)

Cool Japan’s New Year Special, “Japanese Cools That Surprised the World!" Together with Hiromi Miyake, an Olympic medalist, we discussed what surprised foreigners.
57 foreigners from 36 countries joined us in the studio.
They judged whether things were cool or not with red and white panels.