BS1 Sun. Feb. 26

Japanese Companies Expanding Overseas

It's not widely known domestically, but there are many Japanese companies that are world-class. We search for Japanese cools among companies that make familiar products and succeeded precisely because they are Japanese. The secret that created ultraviolet LED that support ATMs is the power of cleaning? The development of vegetable seeds that stormed the world was due to the perseverance of Japanese people? What Japanese cools are there in companies that spread to the world through development capabilities and elaborate work that are unique to Japanese people?

A company that makes UV LED and holds 80% of the world share. They say that what gave rise to it was the power of cleaning.
A company that sells cabbage seeds created in Japan around the world. They say that Japan’s climate and patient developer’s spirit made it possible.
The polisher’s syndicate in Tsubame City, Niigata. Craftsmen helped each other out and made large orders possible.