BS1 Sun. Mar. 5

'Snow Country' Cool Japan Outing in Niigata

The number of foreign tourists visiting Niigata, Japan's preeminent region with heavy snowfall, for winter tourism and skiing is quickly increasing. Furthermore, Niigata is gathering the world’s attention for being a region at the forefront of using snow for energy and various resources. This time the Cool Japan studio will go on an outing to Niigata. Together with 89 foreign students studying at International University of Japan and with the wisdom of people living in snow country and using snow as themes, we will search for cool Japanese culture that will surprise the world.

We had foreigners who say that it's rare for snow to pile up tell us what surprises them about life in a snowy country. They found snow melting pipes along a road. They said it's cool that there are no transportation problems even in areas with heavy snowfall.
Making malted rice for sake. Snow is useful for fermenting sake.
The whiteness of echigojofu is because of the snow.