BS1 Sun. Mar. 19

Charms of Kyoto Chosen by Foreigners

Kyoto is consistently popular among the continually increasing foreign tourists. However, they are attracted to unexpected places that are different than those that are classic Kyoto tourist spots for Japanese people and foods that make you wonder “why in Kyoto?” are popular. So we asked foreign tourists visiting Kyoto about the charms of Kyoto and ranked the top ten charms that are most popular. Unexpected places that Japanese people wouldn’t think of made it in the ranking. We investigate the charms of the continually changing Kyoto from the perspective of foreigners.

We introduce the top ranked charms of Kyoto chosen by foreigners. Maiko made it into the rankings. At the Maiko Theater, which opened at the end of last year, you can watch maiko dancing up close.
A nightspot where Kyoto can be enjoyed at night is popular among foreigners.
Ramen that is popular among foreigners in Kyoto. These days Muslims go to ramen shops with halal processing.