BS1 Sun. Apr. 30

Home Delivery

Japanese home delivery is fast and careful, and its services such as time designation and redelivery, which are polite and attentive to detail, are said to be world-class.
The number of domestic deliveries increased 30% in the last ten years. The kinds of items they handle have continued to increase, and services such as same-day shipping and next-day delivery are improving. Our foreign guests experience package management and home delivery systems that use the latest technology. We close in on the cools of Japanese home delivery services.

Our foreign guest went to see the details of home delivery’s tracking system.
Home delivery that is performed at a supermarket in Shiga Prefecture. By providing not only delivery but detailed services as well, it has become indispensable in the lives of the residents.
We went to see an initiative in Awara City, Fukui Prefecture to reduce the burden of deliverers.