BS1 Sun. May 7

Art Museums

Art museums are very popular among foreign tourists visiting Japan. Japan has many small yet unique art museums, and anime and manga museums can only be found in Japan. Our foreign guests report on an art museum that makes perfect replicas of famous works of art from around the world in their actual size and the aesthetic of the particularity of Japanese gardens that pursue natural scenery even to the point of purchasing mountains in the background. We thoroughly discuss what is attractive about Japanese art museums with our foreign guests.

Our foreign guest went to the samurai museum that opened last year. The museum was filled with foreigners.
The Otsuka Museum of Art has replicas of the world’s famous masterpieces. It is popular among foreigners for the impressiveness of being able to see them up close.
The Adachi Museum of Art is popular for its replication of Taikan Yokoyama’s world view. We investigated the secret to its beauty.