BS1 Sun. Jun. 11

Snacks & Sweets

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, in purchase rate rankings among foreign tourists, snacks and sweets are by far the most popular, surpassing electronics, cosmetics, and clothes. What’s different about Japanese snacks and sweets compared to the world? Snacks and sweets for children like dagashi are rare overseas, and it is only in Japan that various textures can be enjoyed and there are complex combinations of tastes. We investigate the appeals of Japanese snacks and sweets from the perspective of foreigners.

Our foreign guest visited a confection fair that has been held once every four years since 1911. She was surprised by the abundant variety of 1800 confections from around the country.
Our foreign guest investigated the secret to the popularity of taiyaki, which are popular among foreigners these days, at a long-established shop. Baked confectionery in the form of lucky charms are rare overseas.
Dagashi are small and playful Japanese confections that make children happy. Our foreign guest who said that confections for children aren’t made in her country visited a dagashi shop and manufacturer.