BS1 Sun. Aug. 27


Foreigners are surprised by and don’t understand why Japanese people like bugs. During summer vacation children run around fields collecting bugs, and expensive rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles being sold at department stores is unique to Japan. Bugs have deeply permeated Japanese culture and life from long ago. However, foreigners who see live rhinoceros beetles in the studio go into a panic! Will Japanese people’s love for bugs be accepted by foreigners?

Our foreign guest participated in an insect collecting tour and was excited to touch a stag beetle for the first time in his life.
“Jizai okimono” is making full-scale metal objects such as bugs. Each joint can be moved, expressing the functional beauty of insects.
Spider fighting has 400 years of history in Kagoshima Prefecture. We investigate the appeals of this traditional event that both men and women, young and old are passionate about.