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Big Questions for Foreigners! Why do foreigners XX through cosmetic surgery

Big Questions for Foreigners! Why do foreigners do XX through cosmetic surgery?
Cosmetic surgery has become more common in Japan in recent years, but most cosmetic surgeries in Japan are hair removal and skin beautification. There is a clear difference compared to the West, where changing bodily form through cosmetic surgeries such as breast enlargement and liposuction are popular. “Why do you want to enlarge your breasts?” “Why don’t you hide that you’ve had cosmetic surgery?” We thoroughly investigate such questions for foreigners regarding cosmetic surgery. Through cosmetic surgery we close in on the differences between each country’s sense of beauty.

Discussions about where and why people get cosmetic surgery got exciting in the studio.
We asked foreigners in the city where they would like to change if they were to have cosmetic surgery.
Japanese people feel reluctant about making incisions on their body, so non-surgical cosmetic makeover goods seem popular.