BS1 Sun. Nov. 12

Outing in Yamanashi “It's Not Just Mt. Fuji” Special

Yamanashi Prefecture is the 6th most popular prefecture in Japan that foreigners are interested in. However, the aim of 90% of its visitors is Mt. Fuji. So the 3rd Cool Japan outing is “Excavating Yamanashi’s Fall Appeals Special!” Foreigners who were fascinated by the appeals of Yamanashi other than Mt. Fuji introduce surprising appeals and cool spots of Yamanashi that even Japanese people don’t realize. We thoroughly discuss the appeals of Yamanashi that can be known precisely because you live there and that we want to tell the world about, such as gourmet, tradition, and spots with superb views.

A foreigner who lives in Yamanashi introduces gourmet food in Yamanashi. Pigs raised drinking wine result in marbled, soft meat.
Yamanashi reminds people of Shingen Takeda, a military commander from the Sengoku period that is popular among foreigners as well. Foreigners also make armor in order to participate in the once-a-year Shingen-ko Festival.
There are 31 temples near the head temple Kuon-ji of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, and training at it, is popular among foreigners.