BS1 Sun. Nov. 19


November 19th is World Toilet Day. Toilets are always one of the most surprising aspects of Japanese culture to foreign visitors. Japan’s toilets are not limited to the classic toilets with bidets and are evolving daily. The luxuriousness and cleanliness of public toilets is unique to Japan. Many years of research on toilet paper is showing results. We thoroughly report on Japanese toilets that continue to provide fresh surprises to foreigners.

Our foreign guest went to see a toilet that is full of services for comfortable use (child holders, diaper changing tables, step for dressing) at a department store.
We introduce the backstory to the development of a toilet paper for toilets with bidets that is absorbent but doesn’t rip and also easily dissolves in water.
What do our foreign guests think of a junior high school that considers toilet cleaning to be a part of education?