BS1 Sun. Dec. 10


In recent years, Japanese potatoes have been popular overseas. Foreigners are surprised by the wide variety of Japanese potatoes. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, taros, Chinese yams, and more – such a wide variety of potatoes is not seen overseas. In addition, potatoes are used and processed in diverse ways. Since potatoes are considered to be vegetables overseas, it is rare for potatoes to be turned into sweets as with ishiyakiimo and sweet potato confections. Are Japanese potatoes, which are beginning to gather attention from around the world, cool from the perspective of foreigners?

Our foreign guests searched for sweets using satsumaimo (sweet potatoes) in the basement floor of a department store. They were impressed by the various types that they don't have in their own country.
Our foreign guest who loves grated yam experienced carefully unearthing Japanese yams, which take a long time to grow.
Konjac is a food that is unique to Japan. A long-established konjac store improved repeatedly and developed konjac noodles to have Westerners eat them. We introduce the backstory.