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Cool Japan New year's Special: Japanese Cools that surprised the World 2018

Foreign tourists, who are increasing year after year, rely on TV programs in their own country and word of mouth in pictures and videos posted on social media. There you will find new cool Japanese culture that is being spread to the world that we Japanese people never noticed. Hilarious and shocking popular videos appear one after another. What’s cool? What’s strange? 56 foreigners have a heated debate in the studio! We introduce the top 25 ranked popular videos again this time. We excavate cool Japanese culture that will serve as a hint for drawing new inbound tourism.

Cool Japan’s New Year Special Top 25 Japanese cools that surprised the world. We had a hot debate with 56 foreigners.
We introduce what was popular in each prefecture’s promotional video. The bonsai girl from Takamatsu explained the appeals of bonsai in the studio.
Our foreign guests use fans to judge whether online videos about Japan that surprised the world are cool or not cool!