BS1 Sun. Jan. 28

Sengoku Warlords

Sengoku warlords, along with ninja and samurai, are currently very popular among foreigners. Foreigners who are introduced to Sengoku warlords through games and anime and become more knowledgeable about them than Japanese people are now appearing one after another. Foreigners who visit places related to warlords are increasing, and warlord goods such as swords and armor are very popular. Local municipalities are passionately endeavoring to revitalize towns through warlords, riding the waves of their popularity. What about Sengoku warlords do they feel is appealing? We discuss Sengoku warlords with foreigners in the studio.

Taking souvenir photographs wearing Sengoku warlord armor is currently popular among foreign tourists.
Our foreign guest went to see the production site of a game in which you fight as a Sengoku warlord.
Bushotai were formed all over Japan. This is a bushotai that energizes regions.
It brings energy to local communities.