BS1 Wed. Feb. 7

Cool Japan Spin Off Show!
Love Japan!Treasures Where I Live!

What can be done to draw foreign tourists to the countryside?
Local governments all around Japan are trying to figure out how to attract inbound tourism.
So Shoji Kokami from Cool Japan visited a location.
He discovered appeals of towns that Japanese people don’t realize from the perspective of foreigners who live there.
This time the stage is set in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, which has few tourists while Kyoto has an increasing number of lodgers.
What are the appeals of Otsu recounted by foreigners who live there?

Emily from America introduces the appeals of townhouses.
Kaloliyi from Hungary introduces appeals of the historic Otsu.
Brian, a landscapist, began living in Otsu because he liked the landscape of Lake Biwa.