BS1 Sun. Mar. 4


Japan has a culture of subtractive aesthetics. By pruning and eliminating that which is unnecessary, the greatness and beauty of the essence is accentuated. This culture has been passed down to modern lifestyles and has deep roots. Words are simplified in email and conversation, and cities are full of convenient goods for saving time on housework. What eliminatory aesthetic is the world of Noh filled with? Is the eliminatory culture of Japan that is still maintained cool from the perspective of foreigners?

Japanese people are good at cutting corners. Foreigners are surprised by the abbreviated words used by both young and old, males and females and the abundance of goods for making housekeeping easier.
Pictograms are understood by many people through their simple designs. We introduce newly conceived pictograms for 2020.
Noh Theater is a traditional performing art. We asked an actor from the Kongoh school of Noh about the beauty of omission in the gestures and acting that are reduced to the bare essentials.