BS1 Sun. Mar. 11

Disaster Prevention

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japanese people have become more cognizant of disaster prevention, disaster prevention related books and websites have increased, and emergency supplies are evolving daily. The tweets about emergency supplies by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are very popular. At the time of the earthquake, the world was astonished that roads were restored in only a few days. Behind this recovery were the efforts and struggles of people in local construction industries. What’s the secret behind all the people of a town daily working on disaster prevention? We investigate how much Japan’s disaster prevention has evolved from the perspective of foreigners.

Our foreign guest visited people from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who tweet about preparing for disasters.
Our foreign guest went to see mechanisms for rapidly responding to disasters and accidents.
We will introduce the disaster prevention measures of Kuroshio Town, Kochi Prefecture, where it is said that Japan's largest tsunami will come if there is a giant earthquake originating from the Nankai Trough.