BS1 Sun. Jan. 6

Attracting Good Luck

Japanese people's daily lives are filled with engi. With ceremonies for obi tying, name giving, and 60th and 90th birthdays, Japanese people are surrounded by lucky objects from birth to death. They are always mindful of engi, for example with tea with standing tea stalks and visiting spiritual sites. They eat a lot of New Year cuisine, draw fortune slips on each year's first visit to a temple or shrine, and pray to the gods for success in romance each year. We investigate the mysteries of Japanese people and engi from the perspective of foreigners.

Women are crowding to a popular power spot where they take pictures of heart shaped metal fittings to wish for romantic fulfillment.
There are many auspicious events in a lifetime. Our foreign guest went to see an event where a child carries a large mochi on their back and walks on their 1st birthday.
There is a person who took on the challenge of reproducing standing tea stalks, which have become rare nowadays.