BS1 Sun. Jan. 13

Discovering Tokyo 2020 Tokyo Bay

Rediscovering Tokyo 2020—a series where we rediscover the appeals of Tokyo. This time’s theme is Tokyo Bay. It’s a world leader of and key location for marine traffic where 500 large ships come and go daily, and it’s full of places in the surrounding area that foreigners are curious about. So we surveyed 200 foreigners and determined the top 5 cool spots of Tokyo Bay. We rediscover the surprising appeals of Tokyo Bay from the perspective of foreigners.

The top 5 cools spots of Tokyo Bay chosen by 200 foreigners. 5th place was OO, whose night view and show fascinated foreigners.
A surprising place in Chiba Prefecture made it into the ranking. What’s the cool spot from which you can overlook Tokyo Bay!?
The appeal of Umihotaru is its night view, which protects Tokyo Bay’s ecosystem. How is it done?