BS1 Sun. Jan. 20

Chicken dishes

Japanese cuisine has taken the world by storm. What's especially becoming increasingly popular is chicken dishes. Both karaage and yakitori made it in a ranking of the top 10 Japanese dishes that foreigners like. Unlike sushi and ramen, it seems like chicken is just grilled or deep fried, but they are very popular among foreigners. There are chicken dishes around the world, so what is it about Japanese chicken dishes that captivate foreigners? How are they different from chicken dishes overseas? There are secrets to the chicken dishes that even Japanese people don’t know about...

Our foreign guests visited Japanese yakitori shops, which come in many shapes and forms, from reasonably priced places to expensive places that are particular about ingredients and methods of grilling.
The space next to cash registers at convenience stores that used to be occupied by meat buns and oden is now taken up solely by karaage. We close in on how each convenience store creatively makes karaage.
Hinai free range chicken was made by improving free range chicken that became a natural treasure through the passion of a researcher who wanted to eat delicious kiritanpo nabe.