BS1 Sun. Feb. 3

The 2.5th Dimension

"The 2.5th dimension" has been a trendy term among young Japanese people recently. It refers to a new form of entertainment between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions in which anime, manga, and games are made into live-action versions and connected to the real world. Young women are rushing to 2.5th dimension musicals, in which manga and anime are turned into stage plays, and towns are enlivened through "holy land pilgrimages", where people visit places that became the setting for anime. Why does the 2.5th dimension captivate the hearts of young people? Our foreign guests visit the actual locations.

Our foreign guest went to see the secret to the popularity of 2.5th dimension musicals, which develop the worlds of anime and manga on stage.
Our foreign guest investigated the appeals of holy land pilgrimages in which you visit towns depicted in anime.
Large-scale tournaments are held for e-sports. Our foreign guest visited a school where students learn to become professionals.