cool japan 発掘!かっこいいニッポン

Cast Wanted! Looking for people to come on the show and make it fun!


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BS1 Sun. Apr. 02

BS1 Wed. Apr. 05

NHK WORLD Premium Mon. Apr. 03

Big Questions for Foreigners! Why do Foreigners XX? (Encore)

In the “Big Questions for Foreigners!” series, we close in on actions of foreigners that Japanese people don’t understand. This time, we conducted a big survey of Japanese people who are familiar with the everyday lives of foreigners, such as people who have been transferred overseas. Why don’t foreigners apologize? They iron their underwear? We thoroughly elucidate such questions for foreigners. The differences in actions, cultures, and ways of thinking between Japanese people and foreigners is hotly debated in the studio!

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